Sample submission forms

e required by our scientist so they understand your samples better. The more information we have on your samples the easier it is for APAF scientist to work with you 

Mass Spectrometry  (PDF 383.7KB)

N-Terminal Sequencing (PDF 362.6KB) 

Amino Acid Analysis (AAA) (PDF 365.7KB)  Total and Free plus Cysteine, Tryptophan and other amino acids

Multiplex Bead Assays (PDF 380KB)  

Gel Electrophoresis (PDF 380.3KB) 

Post Translational Modifications (PDF 383.7KB) 

 General Request Form (PDF 357.4KB) 

Sugars - Saccharide analysis (PDF 371.6KB) 

For International customers a permit and customs declaration are required. These can be found here.